Welcome to the
Herefordshire Mammal Group


Herefordshire Mammal Group (before 2013 known as Herefordshire Action

for Mammals - HAM) is dedicated to the conservation of mammals in

Herefordshire. We aim to teach people about mammals and to encourage

them to learn more about them by taking action themselves.

Our activities include recording the distribution and population size of

mammals throughout Herefordshire, conservation work, workshops and

training days, talks and visits, providing advice on species and habitat

conservation and identifying threats to local habitats. We also occassionally provide opportunities for students to expand their practical experience in working with mammals.


Events are added to our website as they become confirmed. Many are first

listed on our FaceBook page. Some events may not be advertised for

various reasons, so if you have a particular interest please contact a member of the committee or the species co-ordinator.  Check out our Events Calendar or join our Facebook group for full information.


  We are a small independent rescue group  dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of leverets in Worcestershire and surrounding areas.

Not all leverets found will need rescuing. If you are unsure, please contact us BEFORE taking the leveret into care.

We can be contacted 24/7 on

07535 164580