Herefordshire Bat Group
At the inception of HMG (or Herefordshire Action for Mammals, as it was known at the time), it was agreed by the founder members that the mammal group would be 'all encomassing,' to include all mammal species.  Even today, there is no specific general bat group in the county, but many of HMG's membership are bat enthuiasts!  Having said that, because of the high profile that bats attract, HMG have put up a Herefordshire Bat Group website, designed specifically to address the many questions that HMG receive about bats, their care and welfare, and local development concerns that resisdents often have about bats and other species in general. 

Herefordshire Bat Research group
Herefordshire Bat Research Group is a small, dedicated group of researchers carrying out advanced and routine bat-related projects in and around Herefordshire.  Check out their Facebook page for details.

Hereford Bat Rescue group
Working in conjunction with BCT, a specialist bat rescue team rehabilitating injured bats in the Herefordshire region.  Check out their Facebook page. 

Found a grounded bat?

If you find an injured or grounded bat please contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s national bat helpline on 0345 1300 228.

There are very few bat carers in Herefordshire and the BCT will do its best to find somebody in your area via the Hereford Bat Rescue group who will be able to help with your grounded bat.   Summer is a busy time of year for all bat workers and we are all volunteers and most of us have families and full-time jobs.  We will do our best to help but due to the amount of calls we receive at this time of year, we may ask the finder of the bat to deliver the bat to the bat carer. 

A grounded bat will almost certainly need help and if you are awaiting a response and you feel it would be better for the bat to be moved somewhere safe you can help us by following this procedure.

What do I need to contain the bat?

You will need a shoe box, with small holes punched in the lid (or container of equivalent size), a cloth or tea-towel and a plastic bottle cap (water or milk bottle tops are perfect)

How do I contain the bat?

1. Wear gloves and then take the box to the bat, carefully encouraging it in with the edge of your gloved hand.  Alternatively, cover

the bat with a cloth/teatowel and carefully scoop it up and place it in the box.

2.  Provide water by putting a small container in the box (ideally a plastic milk bottle cap) with a well dampened piece of kitchen roll inside.  There is no need to provide food at this stage.

3. Keep the bat indoors somewhere quiet and dark and away from family pets.

Only after the bat has been confirmed as fit and healthy by a bat carer should it be released, and never during the day.

Photo:  Sometime bats are just hungry and exhausted and just need some rest and a few good meals.

Please don't assume the bat is healthy and leave it outside to fly away.

What should I do if bats roost in my house?

If you have any concerns about bats in your house or are planning any repair work which may affect a bat roost please contact the Bat Conservation Trust on
0345 1300 228, who will appoint a roost visitor to carry out a bat survey free of charge.  Their website has lots of useful advice.