Mammal Records

Mammal Records

* * * Notice to commercial organisations and consultants * * *

HMG does not retain or maintain a database of the mammal recordings it receives; all data is submitted to the Herefordshire Biological Record Centre for storage. Therefore, any commercial organisation or consultant requiring information for the purpose of development should contact the HBRC at the address within the article below.

County Mammal Atlas

Details and links are avaailble on our County Species & Atlas page

Your Sightings and Records

HMG are very interested in your mammal sightings and are keen to receive any information about what you have seen. It could be that you have seen the animal itself (dead or alive) or any signs you might see (remains such as bones or a skull, nests or burrows, droppings or footprints).

Option 1: The easiest way to send us your sightings is to use our Online Record form (Presently under review/construction)

Option 2 : Download and print a copy of HMG's Mammal Recording Sheet. This has all the details we need to know about your sighting. Alternatively provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number and email

  • Date of sighting

  • Site/location; include a 6-figure National Grid Reference (e.g. SO123456)

  • Species name

  • What you saw; how many (e.g. mole hills, dead otter, badger hair)

  • An indication of how certain you were about your observation or your competency at mammal identification

Please submit your mammal observations to the following:

  • Herefordshire Mammal Group, Email:

Any records you send us will be forwarded to the Herefordshire Biological Records Centre (See *** Note *** below).

Option 3: If you do not wish to send your sightings to HMG, please send them directly to the Herefordshire Biological Records Centre at the address below; remember to include all the information requested in Option 2:

Herefordshire Biological Records Centre

PO Box 230



Tel.: 01432 261538 or 260500

Fax.: 01432 261802


*** Note ***

Although a previous decision to close the HBRC was reversed by Herefordshire Council, financial constraints continue. In the event that the county loses this facility sometime in the future, HMG will seek to provide another means of storing mammal records until another suitable alternative is found.

National Grid Reference

To determine a NGR using an Ordnance Survey map, follow the instructions given in the OS Interactive Guide to the NGR

The Where's The Path website provides side-by-side both a map (sometimes displaying older versions late in the day) and satellite image of your site; find your site, point the arrow and read off the NGR.

A good alternative is the UK Grid Reference Finder site which provides several options to help find a site and provide a NGR and Lat/Long references.